Online interaction between gamers and their viewers – (2/2)

I love my new Spyder GT. I paid 1.2 million dollars. I have three friends that are playing with me at the moment and we want to make some moonshine to earn money. Before we can prepare for our criminal act, we need to arrange duties. Skyhuk and Shadowduck are driving to their garages to pick up the trucks. After that they are driving to the corn field to get the raw material. Redrob is waiting at the distillery. My task is to avoid that the police is arousing suspicion. Therefore, I look for the police on our route to warn my friends in case it is too dangerous.

Things are going well and I feel safe with 2 trucks behind me. Suddenly, I hear a police siren. Damn! Something went wrong! The farmer might have called the police! But I am not going to jail for sure! Luckily, they do not know my real name. I make a turn on the next street to the right. The police is only following the trucks. Thank God but I need to find new friends now.

Wait! It is not me playing the game. It is a guy with the nickname”Staiy” who is playing and 3.213 people are watching with me his game. After watching one hour of the life-stram, I feel like I am playing Grand Theft Auto V on my own. Is that real?

In addition to YouTube Gaming, we would like to give you some information about, a live streaming video platform about gaming. The following is especially directed towards people who never heard about Twitch.


The company behind the website is called Twitch Interactive which is now a subsidiary of The reason for the acquisition of Amazon is simple. According to an article by the Business Insider in 2014 users spend more than 100 minutes a day on the site on average. As more and more content is being streamed online Amazon has made this investment to play a role in the future of television.

Regarding the content, you will find a huge diversity. Videos about talking with the audience about game-related content, e-sports tournaments, streams of individual players including speedrunning and gaming-related talk shows. Time and again Twitch offers non-gaming categories including live streams about music, conventions and creativity. In 2015 Twitch held the first convention about the culture of video gaming where people came together to share their passion.



But why should someone watch other people playing video games instead of playing themselves or watching TV?

First of all, it is easy to be a part of Twitch. Wether you want to start your own life-stream or you just want to watch others, it could not be easier. Streams can deal with any type of gaming or other topics that you can imagine. Of course, high following numbers are not guaranteed.

Apart from that, people get captured on different ways. On Twitch you can watch high-level game playing which satisfies the viewers. You will also find tournaments with the best players around the world. Following YouTube Gaming, streamers include tips or walkthroughs. Even if you think of buying a new video game, you can get a good preview to support your decision. What is more important and refers to the question of the replacement of television is the fact that Twitch is an entertaining community. People lose themselves in the gameplay as well as in the personality of the streamer. Nothing is prepared and everything is live which makes Twitch authentic and honest. Often people say that the Internet is an anonymous and cold place but Twitch demonstrates the opposite.

Twitch is a platform that brings together millions of people who are interested in gaming. Additionally, Twitch offers an interactive platform to communicate with others. Even more, Twitch is on the way to create a lifestyle by combining virtual gaming and social real life events. Why do you watch a football game on TV? When you can answer this question, then you can easily understand people who watch Twitch instead of TV. Check out Twitch as an alternative to the YouTube, Netflix or Hulu.



2 thoughts on “Online interaction between gamers and their viewers – (2/2)

  1. Non-gaming content such as “social eating” or the irregular screened “Bob Ross: The art of painting” marathon on twitch are interesting as well.
    The social interaction between the audience members (at least those using the chat) and streamer could be described as game-like as well if you consider being mentioned live by the streamer is a form of reward for writing funny or silly or interesting stuff in the chat room. Since our social life is determined by likes on twitter, instagram and so on I think it’s evident that the interactiveness of livestreams and being recognized within your twitch-community (the content/streamers you watch) is king. I would also like to add that there are divergating types of viewers. Those who watch specific games and those who watch specific streamers. Content driven vs personality driven consuming habits, something to keep in mind while thinking about the social dynamic in the chat room, too.

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    1. Thanks for your comment and thanks for providing more input on high-quality content on Twitch. I think you give us more examples how diversity can be expressed. Additionally, you are adding different types of viewers. It it worth to write an article about that. Because of the various content that is provided, every type of viewer will find interesting content on Twitch which in the end captures them on the website.


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