Meeting The Creative Mind Behind Frankfurt’s Number One Live-Escape Room Host

Hakan welcomes us in one of the rooms the guests of his company Escape Events usually try to escape from within one hour time. The atmosphere is relaxed and constructs a creative environment. Perfect for an interview. The first surprise is when Hakan tells us that this kind of usage of the rooms is not... Continue Reading →


eSports: The meaning of this sports: An interview (2/2)

“It was an incredible honor for me to participate at the Pokémon World Championships last year.” Looking at the German gamer Heinz Heckmann, he seems to really enjoy this recent memory of 2016. In San Francisco he had the opportunity to mess himself with the best Pokémon gamers from all around the world and to... Continue Reading →

eSports: The new era of sportive competitions (1/2)

Insight of the Epicenter tournament at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow. Credits:  Kommersant Photo/Kommersant via Getty Images The atmosphere in the hall becomes concentrated. Every perch is taken, the stadium is completely sold out. Not only family and friends have taken the long route to support every participant. Fans, reporters, TV camera teams, the support... Continue Reading →

Pixel Nostalgia – Desire for Retro Games

Also remember a case where a Nintendo 64 convinced you to visit a party? Or where in a moment of boredom you started browsing your shelves just to find your seemingly antique GameBoy leaving you in a state of sweet indulging in childhood memories? Recently, Pokémon GO triggered a wave of nostalgia a whole society... Continue Reading →

Live Escape Games: On Expedition

Here I am. A man, his crew, his sword, a map... and totally lost. Somewhere in the south-american jungle, far away from any civilization. I hear wild animals screaming, every rustle in the woods is making me nervous and my stomach aches for hunger. Why should a man want to do this? Gold. Much gold.... Continue Reading →

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